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Guidelines & Instructions for Subscribers
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Guidelines & Instructions for Units/Formations/HOO

Guidelines & Instructions for Units/Formations/HOO

While forwarding final settlement/final withdrawal claims to CDA (Funds) Meerut, Units should check all the supporting documents and should follow prescribed procedure. The major checks are hereunder:

The copy of Part - II OO notifying the casualty of retirement/resignation/death should be attached with the claim.
The particulars of recoveries/withdrawal effected upto the date of casualties should be mentioned clearly.
The mode of Payment should be indicated completely.
The name of the nominee where required should be confirmed by the unit with reference to service record of the subscriber.
The claims should be preferred well in advance.
The contingent bill is prepared on the prescribed form and duly countersigned by the competent authority.
The contingent bill should be pre-receipted by the individual and affixed with the revenue stamp.
The final settlement/final withdrawal claims are prepared on the prescribed form and with latest copy of CCO-9.
The amount of advance sanctioned is within limit prescribed in the GPF (DS) Rule.
The claim should be supported with the sanction of the competent authority.


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